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Lysol 2-Mall Havoc

2009-06-28 19:08:54 by AdventAxl

Kepo and Titus are back in the NightStar Crisis Mini-series. This time it's in a Mall. They are in a quest to find a replacement monitor. Will they be succesfful? Stay tuned it's in the works. Here is a preview of it. Not too much to see though.

Here it is: lash-Preview-Kepo-N-Titus-2-127220262

Working on a Mini Series...

2009-06-28 18:25:22 by AdventAxl

As a few of you know, I am working on a Flash series. It's called Lysol. As an amatuer in animation, I'm trying my hardest on it. I can't add voices without a mic. The 1st one was rather short, and many have stated like idiots "Add some voices". It would help if I had a mic. My life isn't bent on making flashes for people I don't know. I'm making these for fun. Don't ruin it. Okay?

-AdventAxl, Creator of NightStar Crisis